Leave of absence

Thursday, June 9, 2011
I'm taking a blogging leave of absence for a while.  Isn't summer supposed to be kick back and relax time? I've definitely felt busier and crazier.  Of course, today didn't help.  Mother nature seems to have gotten her panties in a bunch and after storms, we lost power early this morning for 5 hours and sump pump issues ensued.  (Try explaining "no TV" to a cranky 3 year old.  It goes something like this: No, not even a DVR'd show.  No, not a DVD either.  I can't turn the TV on.  You try.  See?")

Things are good now, just in time to take window treatments off windows and prepare for installation tomorrow and Saturday.  Only there's an 80% chance of severe storms.  Both days.  That should work out well.  Follow this up with an overnight in Michigan for a grad party and blogging will be on the bottom of the cleaning, laundry, window treatment shopping, child care to-do list.


Anonymous said...

gah. yuck! i'm sorry you were without power...not fun with a 3 y.o.!

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