Adjustment Period

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Just as kids have an adjustment period when a school year starts, I think parents have an adjustment period when school ends.  I'm adjusting...slowly. 

It's ironic because despite that fact that my kids are older and can feed themselves and take potty breaks independently, I still could believe I may have ran a marathon each day when it comes to a close.  I think that though physically I don't have as much to do (no more holding, stroller-pushing, etc), mentally...I'm feeling the burn.  There are so many questions, inquiries, mom-look-at-this's, can-you-open-this's, where's my ____, and refereeing, that by the end of the figurative marathon I feel the need to stretch and hydrate. 

Don't get me wrong.  I'm loving the relaxed schedule and the fact that the kids are getting more home influence than peer influence and just plain hanging out with them.  It's just that I'd like to take a full stride without running into a kid or dog and I'd like more silence to collect my thoughts.  But I'm adjusting.


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