Quotable Quotes

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
1. While practicing counting with flashcards, I asked Cole how many noses he had.  Cole: "One." Me: "How many ears do you have?" Cole: "Two."  Me: "How many fingers do you have?" Cole: "ALOT!"

2. While walking through Walmart, Cole saw a Caution: Slippery Floor sign with the falling person icon on it.  He declares, "Look!  That says boys and girls are NOT allowed to jump on their butts."

3.  I came downstairs this morning and Cole had one sock on.  I asked him why he only had 1 sock on to which he replied, "My pinkie toe wasn't going in this one right so I just stuck it in my pocket."  I guess he figured he'd try THAT again later!


Anonymous said...

2 made me laugh out loud! Thanks, Cole!

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