Let's Put It This Way...

Monday, June 20, 2011
...two thirds of my kids slept AT LEAST until 8:30 am today.

That's a definite sign of a GREAT weekend!  It was the annual summer festival in our town that entertains us with music, rides, a parade, and food!  We didn't make it to bed before 10pm for 3 nights in a row!  Crazy kids!

The SWINGS!  These used to be my favorite and this was Will's first time!  He said it was "so relaxing."

Parade!  LOVE the bag pipers!

Climbing a gigantic tractor with cousin Renee during "wheels go round."

Camel rides!  Cole's quotable quote while riding - "What IS this thingamajiggie?"

Motorcycles, of course!

Bummer, it's blurry!  Super scary cliff hanger ride with Dad!

Fast cars!
Cole's favorite carnival food!

Paige ran her first road race and got 64th place in the 1 mile run! :)

One of our gifts to dad.  Hope everyone had a happy father's day!


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