Another Fun Weekend

Sunday, June 26, 2011
This weekend was especially exciting due to a last-minute stay from our friends the Diehl family!  They were headed this general direction to see their new baby niece / cousin, and stayed with us!  They were here for about 12 hours and with only 5 hours of sleep, the kids maximized their playtime!  It was so fun and only left the kids wanting more!
Breakfast time - Cole hadn't quite rolled out of bed yet

Standing in chronological order

Pen Pals
Then, the kids earned their prizes for the first half of the reading club at our library, one of which was a free bumper boat ride at a local fun center.  They did go karts and bumper boats and were big fans!
Little nervous, but ready

Will (1st) and Paige (2nd) taking the curves

Rich and Cole (with Cole borrowing his hat as a shield)

Cole opted for 2 rides in leiu of mini golf.  Motorhead.


heresthediehl said...

It was SO fun. Thanks so much for having us!!

Renay said...

What a boy fest with the Diehl's in town ;) hee hee

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