On Losing It

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
1) I've completely lost my cathartic naptime/catch up time in the afternoons.  It's devastating.  With the bigs home, the little knows he's missing something and...well...I'm left never feeling quite caught up.

2) Since we've lost patio space with the pool, this awesome scaled-down picnic table that my dad built arrived with perfect timing!  Makes for good pool party picnics!
3) Money.  This week is our long-put-off home maintenance task of new windows in our house.  It's expensive and will probably be an annoying couple of days, but the end result (windows you can actually SEE through) will be much appreciated!

4) Have you seen the commercials for learning centers that tout that students can lose up to a third of what they learned in the school year?  I have summer workbooks for the kids that I hope for them to work out of this summer.  I was reminded of these today when Will read the word see-saw as "see take away saw."  It didn't seem odd to him that a mathematical sign snuck its way into his story?  Yeah.  We need to stay on top of things!


Jamie said...

That picnic table is the best!!! Maybe you and Sarah are going to have to swap all 5 kids for alone time to be ultra productive this summer???
Cracking up at Will.....i guess a see-saw wouldn't be very fun if it was just a "see"!

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