More On Sleep

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Looking back, I see I have many posts on sleep.  Sleep is important.  For kids, even moreso.  I have alluded to the fact that I feel good sleep fuels good sleep and lack of sleep fuels less sleep.  It takes a significant leap to get back into that sleep-fueling-sleep cycle.  I'm happy to report that after NOT being in it...Cole might have taken the leap.

Here was the track record:
Late night to 11:30pm
No nap following day (I know, illogical)
Following day only a 50 minute nap (usually 2 hours)
Rough time at bedtime
Following day only 50 minute nap  
Rough time at bedtime
Bedtime (which was early because we are having an issue with throwing toys at people and biting) was a breeze despite not getting read to!  And trust me, that would have resulted in insta-meltdown on a previous night.

The longer nap got him over the hump and I'm pretty sure we won't get an early morning visit and snooze from a certain 3 year old because of it! 


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