Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Remember that post yesterday about my sleep predictions?  Yeah, well, I still simply don't know anything.  Cole was up with the sun and crawling in our bed and only slept an hour at naptime again.  Go figure...or don't, because it's impossible to figure!  I've tried.

The good news is that he has been more agreeable and fun(ny).  Here are some recents:

1) Realized today that he thinks "umbrella" is "gumbrella."  Which makes sense, because it protects against sun and rain and...any falling gum?

2) He whined a bit in the car because I wouldn't turn on the "conairditioning," which only took me 5 repeats to realize what he was even ASKING for!

3)  After a morning of super chattery kids, we sat down to lunch and there was silence.  I commented that now I know how to quiet them down to which Cole replied with 2 fingers up and nodding, "Peace, dude.  Peace."

4) After doing a super cool trick on the couch, he lands and says, "I sink.  I have.  A wudgie."

That's my Cole!


Jamie said...

I just love him!

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