Beginning and End

Thursday, June 2, 2011
Will and his friend jumped off the bus today - their last day of school - and announced that they are 1st graders!  I reveled in the excitement and joy in Will's face and can't believe how far he has come this school year.

We started with tears every afternoon and a hug "quota" that had to be reached before he'd climb aboard the bus.  Then we graduated to getting in the groove of things and going with the flow.  Then we entered "too cool" phase where he wished to ride the bus home despite mom being at school leaving at the same time.  But I haven't lost the giant hug after school in the afternoon and I'll take that for as long as it lasts.  And I hope it's long.

First day of school.  He still wears this outfit so he hasn't grown leaps and bounds.

Just a few weeks ago when his class's eggs hatched. 


suzanne said...

do you guys always go past memorial day or was it b/c of snowdays?

Jamie said...

That second pic of Will is so cute! What a genuine smile!

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