It's Coming

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Summer, I mean.  I'm super excited and nervous, if I'm being honest.  Excited because the kids are that much more independent, because they are taking/doing some fun things this summer, and because I am ready for a change of pace.

Nervous because I'm now full-time entertainment chairman for 3 busy kids.  Let me paint the picture of what I see in my immediate future:

SITUATION: right after dinner, kids had been excused

ACTIVITY:  Rich and I taking five to catch up on the day

SIMULTANEOUS INTERRUPTION 1: Cole standing on the arm of the couch pleading with us to watch his awesome stunt

SIMULTANEOUS INTERRUPTION 2: Will literally pulling on Rich's arm to come see the wicked cool Hot Wheels track he set up in his room

SIMULTANEOUS INTERRUPTION 3: Paige, pointer in hand, wanting everyone's attention so that she could teach us all about the most common Illinois birds according to the poster she earned from school that she mounted on the kitchen wall

So with a printed kids' "chore" list, the library reading program, and a larger temporary pool in contemplation, I slip on the flip flops and dive into summer.  Ready or not.


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