Wednesday Funnies

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
  • Today Will and I were looking at the weather radar to determine if we should expect rain.  There was a giant green blob to our West, so we know we could probably count on a little.  Later that morning we were out on the driveway riding bikes and Will kept yelling at Cole to go right on the sidewalk.  I asked him why, as Cole can go whichever way he wants.  Will replied, "Because that's left and the rain was coming from the left."

  • I think it's hilarious that when I open my freezer there are a bunch of glue projects on paper sitting there.  Why?  Because despite my explanation of how glue dries, Will thinks freezing it surely must help it along.

  • So, lately I have challenged myself to increase our dinner repertoire.  To accomplish this, I am preparing 1 new recipe a week for my critics for a pass/fail grade.  This week was Sesame Beef on Vermicelli Noodles.  It got rave reviews and will be added to the rotation.  Then tonight I tried a new product from the freezer section - Citrus Mango Tilapia.  Rich, Paige and I enjoyed it.  Will is probably the least open to new things, and had made up his mind before tasting.  Therefore, his taste test was full of grimaces.  He later agreed that he'd like the fish without the glaze.  Meanwhile, Cole wanted to draw attention to the halo over his head and informed everyone that he was going to try it.  He popped a heaping bite in his mouth and announced "I like it!"  This was swiftly followed by a grotesque look and emergency request for a napkin.  Nice try.


suzanne said...

i think you should share some of those new recipes.

Renay said...

1. freezing should certainly help glue dry...or crack...whatever, I think he's on to something

2. admiring your new recipe heard my little "made up" chicken dish the other night...anything is better after you crumble cheeze-it's on top...that's what I think!

3. At least Cole asked for a napkin...

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