A No-Words Weekend

Monday, May 23, 2011
The title might imply that this will be a post in pictures.  Unfortunately, I took only a handful of pictures of my weekend and they were with my phone, giving poor quality. 

The "no-words" refers to the type of weekend that is simply too much to sum up in words.  We celebrated a milestone birthday for my mother with a visit from her sister from out of state and a (surprise) girls-only night away on the Lake Michigan coast of Michigan to meet up with relatives from that state.  It was fun - in that fun was our only goal.  It was unique in that it was a different place and different circumstance with no kid responsibilities.  It was special because it was a brief but wonderful celebration of women and family! 

I feel that the occasional very brief break from mommy is a good thing for kids.  I'm ALWAYS so ready to see them again after I've been away.  Perhaps next time I need to stay away longer.  Here were their reactions:
PAIGE:  Greeted me not unlike each day when she gets off the bus from school
WILL:  (because we met up at another family party) came up and asked if he can have pop
COLE:  When asked, said he didn't miss me.  Then he reiterated with, "No, really, I didn't."


heresthediehl said...

haha! you definitely were not gone long enough!

and happy birthday to your mom :)

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