The Magical Powers of the Telephone

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
It is a mystery.  I would probably donate to the efforts that attempt to explain this phenomenon.  Comment if you are a parent who experiences this or has ever experienced this:

I must preface this with the fact that I am not a phone talker.  I don't sit for hours on the phone and I NEVER just sit and talk.  It is always paired with some other task that's possible to do while on the phone.

Here's the scenario:  The kids are seemingly busy and quiet.  I decide it's a good time to make that phone call.  Usually this is paired with a warning shout-out to alert them that I am going to be on the phone.  When all of the sudden...the kids need me.  They need to talk to me.  They are arguing.  Someone got hurt.  There is a potty emergency.  There is a picture that was drawn for me. 

Today, we had just gotten outside for the boys to ride bikes when my phone rang.  Only 1 trip down the driveway and Will had to tell me something.  It was obviously an emergency, as they've been told x-teen times that if it can at all wait until I'm off the phone, it should.  Turns out, he's been seeing a lot of robins out lately.  Definitely time-sensitive.

And while I'm on the subject...if anyone has any tips on how I can let Cole know that holding up my index finger in a "just a minute" sign does not mean repeat and repeat and repeat in a whisper voice, that would be great.  It means don't talk to me!  For now.


The Copper Pot said...

Lol !!!

heresthediehl said...

as always, LAUGHING hysterically at this. and at will's being so observant of the robins.

Kelly said...

I sooo feel your pain. I very much dislike being on the phone and it's so much more painful when I have to do it with noisy kids in the background (who are so quiet/peaceful as I dial). I locked myself in the bathroom the other day and sam started banging on the door. I guess it sounded like gunfire on the other end...sigh. Apparently I haven't figured it out either.

Renay said...

Oh man can I ever relate. In kids need me the VERY MOST when it's a call to like a doctor's office or a call that involves a stranger on the other line. The finger holding up thing so does not work. You know what does work...for like a milli second? Running like mad to the nearest lock-able room ( gotta go two rooms lock your bedroom and then lock yourself IN your bathroom). I know...I'm totally the parent of the year. HA!

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