Sunday, May 15, 2011
Weather.  It can really make or break certain plans.  For example:

Thursday night the weather MADE for a great single A baseball game near us.  Will scored a a free ticket from a reading challenge at school and the warm, sunny weather held out for us to enjoy the entire evening - junk food, Ozzie the Cougar, socializing with friends, and oh yeah - baseball and all!

With their treats of choice

What?  There's a game going on?  I can't see through these girls!
Leaving with our souvenirs

Then, as with Midwestern weather, we took a steep dive in temperatures and a garage sale I decided (somewhat last minute) to prepare for because it was the weekend for the community-wide sale was a bust.  Apparently garage salers got used to the summer-like weather because 50s and windy caused them to retreat to their homes.  The kids were a HUGE help to me and were so enthused about the sale so it was a let down.  However, we packed up strategically and will plan another attempt soon!


Jamie said...

those are some great pics!! You got some funny faces of Cole - is he on some girl's lap??? Too funny! William looks so proud :)

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