What 3 Means

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
What 3 means in this house:
  • Big bike ridin'
  • Diaper-free
  • Self-dressing
  • Opinionated
  • Artistic
  • Truck-drivin'
  • Yard workin'
  • "I can do it"
  • Still snugglin'
  • Dancing
  • Thinking
  • Growing.  To.  Fast
Happy Birthday, Cole!  We love you!


suzanne said...

CUTE pictures! happy birthday to your cole.

Anonymous said...

he is such a cutie. wish you lived closer so that we could see him on his special day!!

happy birthday, cole! you'll get your present a bit late :)

Renay said...

sniff sniff...totally cute post! By the way, Logan just walked in, saw Cole and said, "that's Will".

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