Cole's 3rd Birthday Party!

Sunday, April 17, 2011
There's nothing more fun that watching your kids reach that age where the true feeling of anticipation and excitement for a birthday is realized.  Cole is there.  He was so excited for his birthday party this weekend.  He was practicing 3 fingers, blowing out candles, and saying "kank you" all week.  When he came down from his nap Saturday and saw streamers and balloons he squealed and marched like a drum major. 

There was lots of family there and he received so many different fun gifts ranging from clothes, to his very own suitcase, to working gear (caution cones, caution vests, wheelbarrow, road signs), to legos. Incidently, so many say that kids don't get excited about new clothes at that age. I'll have you know his first question this morning was if he could get dressed in his new clothes.

Here are some fun pictures of the evening...

Unwrapping with much assistance

New wheelbarrow.  Should need a license to drive this indoors, my woodwork would tell you

Singing happy birthday.  Those caution vest reflectors played games with my camara's auto flash!

Pinata indoors!  Because it's spring and misearble out.  (Side note:  Cole was born on the first 70 degree day of 2008.  Everyone was in heaven that day!  Most of all me.)

The happy birthday boy sportin' his new John Deere hat


Renay said...

Adorable (kank you! and everything else). Look that wheelbarrow!!

Renay said...

that should say "love" that wheelbarrow :) My kids would die over that!! Now you're going to have a willing yard-work helper - lucky!

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