Easter and why it's been so long

Monday, April 25, 2011
I haven't been blogging as often lately and that could be due to some or all of the following:
  • Nothing particularly newsworthy
  • The bickering has peaked among the kids and trust me, you don't want me to write about it (yes you do.  No you don't.  Do too.  Do not.)
  • The weather.  After the end of this week the whole "April showers..." excuse is no longer valid
  • TV finales
  • Some funny stories being unable to be placed into words
  • Desire to have more quality time with my husband
  • The fact that most of my conversations with Cole are filled with answering questions about where we're going, what we're doing, why I'm stopping, what store this is, why I turn the steering wheel, what meal this is, what meal is next, who's coming over, who lives with who, etc.  He's learning about life.  It's exhausting.  And doesn't make for good stories.
But, of course, our celebration of the important event of Easter is newsworthy so here was our weekend:

Friday night we had an early celebration with my side of the family complete with egg hunt (indoors, of course due to torrential rain) and fun Easter gifts.  Sunday was spent at church and then with a wonderful Easter feast at Rich's family's.  Here are some pictures...
Yes.  This was the best picture of the 3 I got.  And yes, I did take many!

Family picture at my parents' after church

Remember the rain we've had?  It's muddy.

Wardrobe change necessary.

With the cousins later that day - in some comfier (clean) clothes!


Renay said...

Looks like a totally fun Easter - busy! Seriously though, do one post on the bickering...it will make me feel better ;)

heresthediehl said...

i totally puffy heart love your blog.

and on another note, will looks like a tall skinny boy in those pictures!!

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