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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
1) Will often goes to bed bummed because he realizes he had forgotten to play a game to do something that he wanted to that day.  My response is always the same: write a note so you remember to do it tomorrow.  I walked in his room one morning and saw this note to himself:
He must have had a hankerin' for an apple at bedtime, but decided the time wasn't right, so wrote himself a note to eat one in the morning.  He did.

2) I searched for a dark chocolate bunny for Cole to have at Easter.  I'm not telling if I found one, but here's a clue...

3) Today Cole came to the railing from upstairs and peeled back a piece of Scotch tape from his lips and said, "Will put tape on my mouth 'cause I's talking too much" in a how-funny-is-that? voice.

4) Cole walked in on me clipping Will's toenails and asks, "Are you going to clip my feet nails too?"  Me: "Yup, after I clip Will's hand nails!"


Nicole said...

I am DYING over Will's note to himself! That is so stinkin' cute.

I'm tucking the tape-over-the-mouth idea in my pocket for a time when I really need it. Thank Will for me.

suzanne said...

i love the EET part with the picture of the face and apple. too cute.

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