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Monday, March 28, 2011
  • Cole has a new word:  Ignoying -  Combination of "ignoring" and "annoying."  Usually used when referring to Will.  Exact meaning can only be deduced by context.
  • All of the kids are invited to a birthday party of a neighbor boy that is in Will's class.  Today we bought his present and I asked Will after school, "You didn't tell Jesse what we bought him for his birthday did you?"  Will:  "No, I just told him it was kind of a Transformer, but I didn't tell him which one."  Great.
  • Cole learned how to snap his fingers!  Will taught him and he is oh-so-proud!  If you've never seen a 2 year-old's finger and thumb make this motion, trust me, it's cute.
  • Around here there will be a new buzz word: compromise.  I will use it from now on and it will mean that both parties need to bend a bit, or the entire to-do will end.  As in, both ideas are going to be used for the production of this obstacle course or you're both in your rooms doing your own thing.
  • I know I've mentioned how siblings seem to phase in and out of troublesome times at what seem like perfectly timed opposition.  It's true.  I could do a scientific study to prove it, I think.
  • Last night we talked about kids moving away when they grow up.  Will and Cole aren't.  Paige announced that she will have to move away because she wants to live on a farm.  (Important note: we live in a relatively rural town.  I can look out my bedroom window and see horses.)  Apparently, she wants to live where you can ONLY see farms.  (Travel 10 miles west).  This was cute and slightly contradictory to what she wants to be when she grows up: a singer/rockstar.
Paige with a fuzzy chick


heresthediehl said...

1. wait, the chicks are inside?

2. bennett isn't keen on moving away either.

3. ignoying = hilarious!

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