The Day I Started to Feel Old

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
You know when you were a kid and your parents talked about when they were kids and it seemed like it might as well have been in the Ice Age it seemed so distant?  And isn't it funny how time has flown since we were kids and how the 70s/80s still seem like present-day practically?  Except they don' your kids.  Now, the 80s might as well be the Ice Age.  Can you believe that?

Today, while watching Disney's Sonny With A Chance, I noticed that Nancy McKeon (from Facts of Life) plays Sonny's mother.  So I verbalized this realization to my oh-so-interested kids and even sang the entire Facts of Life theme song for their enjoyment.  You know what I got?  Raised eyebrows and looks like I belonged in the Ice Age.

Then, tonight on the way home from swimming we were listening to pop radio when the "theme" song from the movie The Breakfast Club came on.  C'mon, you know it..."Don't you...forget about me..."  Anyway, Paige pipes in about 4 notes into the song, "What is this an 80s song or something?"  (Followed by realistic gagging sounds).  I said that it, in fact, was and continued to rock out in the driver's seat...feeling old.

It got me thinking about how then one day my kids will probably look back at the life and times of the 80s and think that those times seemed so simple and quaint - kind of how I look at the 50s.  Though I'm sure if I ask someone raised in that era if it was a simpler and easy life the answer would probably be no.  The truth is that it's all relative.  And it makes me feel relatively old.


Martha said...

50's?? Ice age?? I was just going to put on my bobby sox and roll up my jeans but now I'm having second thoughts.

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