Spring Break - Part 2

Sunday, March 27, 2011
  • We went to a movie* at the theater as a family for only the 2nd time for Cole.
  • Spent some quality time with the new baby chicks at grandma and grandpa's.  (There are 6 and they are little puff balls that we're enjoying before they become not as cute)
  • Library trip
  • Sleepover at grandma and grandpa's with cousins
  • Mall trip
  • Multiple other to-do's
Most noteworthy isn't really what we did but what what didn't do.  Though usually a lover of routine and schedules, I welcomed the break from the grind and embraced a bit more whatever.  It was a perfect take-it-slow prescription. 

The thing about being a parent is that while school is truly on a break, home duties are still there.  Waiting for you.  Two children on separate occasions approached me to inform me that the clothes hamper was "exploding," to use Will's word. 

And I think I about did my vacuum cleaner in when I finally vacuumed the whole house after not keeping up with it as often through the week.  (I vacuum the family room/kitchen area almost everday.  We have 2 dogs that shed and even in doing this, it is more about taking it down to an acceptable number dog hairs per square foot rather than actually getting it clean.)

Most importantly, the break from the grind allowed me to spend more nonscheduled time with the kids and just enjoy and bond with them.  I could use spring break more often!

* We saw the movie Rango on a whim.  I think I had seen 1 commercial about it and had heard the kids rumble about wanting to see it.  The reviews on the theater website gave it a high rating so we were off.  It was a harsh lesson for me in how PG movies can vary so drastically.  Thankfully, I've been pointed in a good direction for movie reviews from people who actually have kids that I will definitely consult before sitting in front of a huge screen before scenes that make me cringe.  Or maybe I'll just stick with Disney.  I mean, sure, the mother will die in the first 10 minutes, but at least the rest will be happily ever after.


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