Spring Break - Part 1

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
It's only Tuesday night and we have:
  1. Had a belated St. Patrick's Day feast
  2. Had a night in the city to see an old friend
  3. Kids had an impromtu sleep over at Aunt Sarah's (due to #2)
  4. Shopped for spring clothes (as if we'll need them ANYtime soon)
  5. Spent a night at Key Lime Cove
The night at Key Lime Cove was just a fun way to spend some time over the break without actually taking a vacation.  We also wanted to be able to compare it to another indoor waterpark that we frequent that is about the same distance away in the opposite direction.  We had a great time! 

This is in the entrance to the tropical-themed park.  Really, put sand under my feet and add a warm breeze and it was darn near believable!

Here they are looking the part!  Will was more interested in swimming and had his head underwater most of the time.  Unfortunately, a wave in the wave pool flipped him over and he broke open both elbows and bumped his head.  (Again, sand would have been nice).  He resigned to getting injured on every vacation we take and got over it well. 

Paige conquered her goal of going down the "toilet bowl" with me.  It is some serious fun and she was proud.  If you've never been flushed down a toilet, put it on your bucket list.

The arcade is always a hot spot for the kids.  I liken it to a wishing well in which you simply toss your money into it.  But Will was digging this virtual motorcycle game.

And Cole was digging this racecar game.  Especially when the whole steering wheel shuddered whenever he went off the track.  Which happened often.  Oh, and by the way, he prefers a manual transmission.
This picture was taken for bragging rights.  Let's just say that if this were Vegas, she'd be rich!  Instead, we got a whoopie cushion and some other random junk treasures.

Another night away in paradise...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great spring break getaway! And Paige looks SO grown up in the second pic!

suzanne said...

i'm so jealous that you are on spring break this week. we could have used one extra week.

Alli said...

I did purchase a flip flop magnet during our stay which DID have sand in it...although there was no sand anywhere in the resort. Weird!

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