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Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Post Blizzard Fun

I estimate this mountain to be 10 feet tall!

Some get-the-wiggles-out time at the nearby children's museum.  This is the "air area"

Hammin' it up

Water area!

Note Cole in the background gearing up to squirt Paige and some worker dude who was in the other bubble

Bongos!  (ignore the no mallet sign as Cole beats on the bongos...with a mallet)


suzanne said...

wow - you guys got a ton of snow!

Alli said...

How fun!! I totally want to go to that museum!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like alot of fun for kids on the snow mound. Spring is on the way somewhere...

Renay said...

I still need to post our snow pics - that mountain is AWESOME! Good thinking on getting out to the Children's museum! We haven't been there this year...I'm so lazy ;)

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