It's a Phase

Thursday, February 10, 2011
Reasons this phase Cole is in isn't cool:
  • Wimpering like a little puppy when you've been scolded is just annoying.
  • That place you've decided is your pouting place (in front of the pantry) is inconvenient for the rest of the family.
  • Blaming things you've done wrong on people that don't live here (cousin Renee) and dogs doesn't work.
  • The fact that you're winning in the "going #2 on the potty" battle
  • Repeating what siblings have said to you in a MUCH more dramatic tone than originally spoken in order to get sympathy from me.
  • The volume of the car stereo and the fact that you think you're the king of it.
  • Speaking of backseat driving...a blinking red light means I have to stop THEN I can go.  I know, I know, it IS still red, but it's blinking so...(continue to get scolded from 2 year-old until home)
Then, there is the 1-step eraser for all of the above such as:
I wake up this morning to a little bobbing head in the morning that stops by my pillow and a simple little voice speaks, "I love you."


Anonymous said...

ok, since he's not my kid, i died laughing at this list. poor renee :)

i also love that he has a designated pouting place that's in an area that can be seen by everyone.

Jamie said...

I too cracked up since I don't have to hear the whining all day! He is too funny!!

Alli said...

Uhh. I hear you on the whimpering puppy. And the rest is hilarious! He'll be driving in no time!

Renay said...

It's their cuteness that always saves them in the end! A sweet little "I love you" gets my boys out of pretty much anything ;) Logan does that annoying whining thing...but not when he's in trouble, just when he doesn't feel like using actual words to talk. ug!

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