Quoting Cole

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Firstly, Cole has just recently really begun to be interested in drawing / coloring.  I have been trying to encourage more small motor activities.  Riding on a scooter and kicking balls around the house?  No problem.  Assembling puzzles?  Different story.  So the other day, I had a project that I hoped would gain his interest.  It involved food...so...yes, it worked.  Here he is eating his fruit loop necklace!

QUOTE 1:  While making a face and inhaling just as he was about to say something to me, he pauses and says...I sought I was going to bless you.  Meaning, he thought he was going to sneeze.

QUOTE 2: While getting him dressed after bathtime: Guss what mom.  My legs go all the way up to my bottom.


Anonymous said...

how adorable is he with his illini hat on? :)

yesterday, for fine motor, i cut strips of paper for jack henry and then he cut them into tiny pieces. he loved it!

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