I'm Calling It

Sunday, February 20, 2011
Congratulations to Cole, to us, to our garbage collector, to Earth.  We are officially potty trained in this house.  I'm calling it.  Though we have been for quite some time with the tinkling, the other end has been more troublesome and this week has brought us over that hurdle! 

He'll still be considered a nubie, which means I will put him in protective wear at night for a while (mostly because I cringe at the thought of changing sheets on that loft bed ANY more than I have to) and I will still carry a change of clothes for the occasional misjudgement of just how badly he has to go when we're in the OJ section of the grocery store and the bathroom is completely diagonal from it.  OR better yet, when we're at the convention center for the RV show and he announces the dire need and I'm stuck racing the stroller through a sea of gigantic recreational vehicles that seem similar to walls blocking me from any vision of the direction to the nearest restroom.  Twice.

We're super proud of him and celebrate with a full Pez dispenser (which will continue for a little while until I feel we're golden).  This comes at just about the exact age that Will was when he was an underwear pro and roughly 8 years and 2 months after we had our first need for diapers at all.  It's been a good ride, Pampers!


The Copper Pot said...

What a great feeling not having to buy diapers anymore. You're going to be rich !!!

suzanne said...

that is AWESOME! i love not having to buy diapers - i can't wait until we're done w/ pullups at night too.

Martha said...

That's great news for big boy Cole (and his family), but quite frankly I'm sad about it....no more baby??

Renay said...

YEAH!!! Congrats on being diaper free...and I totally hear you on changing loft sheets - no fun!

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