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Tuesday, February 15, 2011
A main reason I keep this blog (and subsequently have it printed) is for my kids to one day look back on to refresh memories or have a laugh. For that reason, I keep the subject matter...them. But I figure, why not see what it feels like to do just that? I had to go through old pictures recently and here are a few glimpses into my past...

My parents thought having my hair braided like this at age 4 was the cutest.  Not me. They call this the Bo Derek.

Near the beginning of my awkward phase that probably lasted too long to call a "phase."  Go Youth Tackle Football! I'm on the left with little sister on top and bigger sister on the right.

Freshman Homecoming - I'm in red

Senior night with long time family friend


Anonymous said...

first of all...an afternoon post from you!

secondly: LOVE. love it all. why don't you like that first pic? stinkin' adorable. and you and the danger sisters. i'm dying :) nice bangs...i had them, too!

love the nca sweatshirt. mine was grey! THAT'S the karen i met!!

suzanne said...

i agree w/ nicole, the first picture is adorable! i love flash back posts.

Alli said...

Great post! Loved your baby corn rows. And even though the 2nd pic was the beginning of your "awkward" stage, you still had great legs :) That were ridiculously tan.

Martha said...

Now this was fun for me to step back in time! What's wrong with your Bo Derek braids?? Loved this!!

Kelly said...

picture 1: absolutely adorable
picture 2: i had the exact same hair "style". sooo funny
picture 3: i think i owned one of those dresses. hilarious.
picture 4: you haven't changed a bit!!
Loved seeing these!

Aunt Debbie said...

Karen, I don't think I've ever really noticed it so much before, but Will looks like you! That smile in the first one and something about the second as well....wow:)

Renay said...

I'm so glad you posted these pics! I thought about posting mine too...isn't it fun to remember when?! Now I have a hankering to go through the 5 boxes of God-only-knows-what my mom sent me a few years ago (that I just shoved into the crawl space!)

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