I Heart This Day

Monday, February 14, 2011
We do presents for the kids on Valentine's day. They each get one "thing." I used to think it was indulgent (which it kind of is) but each year they seem especially grateful for this one gift- maybe because it's not sandwiched amidst a sea of gift-giving like at birthdays or Christmas. So after our "fancy" dining room dinner tonight, we let them open their gifts and the rest of the evening was spent playing and laughing.

Valentine's day is turning into one of my favorite holidays.  I think probably because it's not over-done.  People aren't complaining in April that Jo Schmo still has his Valentine decorations up and most people don't have Valentine funds that they add to all year until the big day.  Yet, it's still a day you stop and make a point to proclaim your love for those close to you.  And sometimes there are presents.


Renay said...

love your insight as usual! And I agree...I think I had my best valentine's day ever yesterday. Will blog about it when I actually have time :)

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