Conference Open House

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Tonight instead of making personal appointments with teachers for conferences (they scheduled if needed this quarter), the school holds a conference open house in which families can come in, visit with the teacher and look at all the work the class has been doing. 

So we did that tonight!  Kindergarten classes weren't involved so we went mainly for Paige.  Here she is showing us around her classroom:
Here is how each kid behaved:
PAIGE: Forget detailing the goings on of the classroom, she's watching the door for who is coming next that she can see outside of normal school hours.  It's ALL sorts of exciting!

WILL:  Dude, it's okay that his classroom isn't open, because he, like, knows people now in this school and is all about it.

COLE:  Assumed his normal large-crowd-therefore-my-legs-aren't-functioning-can-you-carry-me attitude 

The truth is that Paige is doing great in school and what I love even more is that she is so enthusiastic about it.  I have *never* had an "I don't want to go to school" day with Paige.  To update, she is now in gymnastics which she enjoys very much, Girl Scouts, and will be starting swimming lessons in a couple weeks. 


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