Parental Duty

Monday, January 17, 2011
There are many sacrifices and duties you take on when you become a parent:  losing sleep, losing alone time, losing money, and...taking the obligitory trips to Chuck E. Cheese.

Today's plan with MLK Jr. day off was to take the train into the city and hit a museum.  The weather had other plans, so we went shopping at a place I rarely get to go to spend a gift card (thanks mom K!) and then hit Chuck E. Cheese nearby to spend the tokens the kids scored at Christmastime (thanks Garbaciaks!).  The kids were pumped and had a blast.  I have a hard time getting past the sticky floors, greasy video game screens and coughing kids swarming the place.  But I sucked it up.  You know, because it's one of those parental duties. 

Tonight at dinner we played "Best/Worst" for the first time.  It is a game where you go around and list the best and worst part of your day recommended by my friend Nicole in an effort to "organize" the dinnertime talk.  My sister uses a similar tool with kids she works with and adds a "future" component to discuss things one is looking foward to.  I decided the Chuck E. Cheese trip was worthwhile when Cole said his worst part of his day (which we think was meant to be best part) was when he found out we were going to Chuck E. Cheese and he "toady freaked out."

Climbing the "hamster tubes" that line the ceiling of the building

Riding with Chuck E. Cheese


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I toady freaked out when I read this :)

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