Hands On

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
One of my favorite things to admire through the course of my children's lives is their hands.  Of course, when they're newborn, everyone loves to see their tiny fingers curl around whatever is placed in their hands.  As an older baby, it's funny to see them attempt to focus-in on and grab toys and pieces of food.  In toddlerhood, it starts to amaze you that their hands can now turn the pages of a book.  And then, as an older child, you start to see glimpses of their abilities as they make, build and draw.  Here are three pictures celebrating these little imagination tools:


Martha said...

What a great observation....I've always thought hands are one of a person't most expressive traits.

Renay said...

what a cute post!! Loved it! I have to say that I was actually observing the same thing (ish) today. Logan has been taking guitar and I was watching him play with a toy one. I could just tell the way his hands were moving and positioned on the "frets" that he's starting to really learn something cool....now if only his penmanship would improve!!

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