Wednesday, January 12, 2011
1) Today I was challenged because I have (admittedly) been down on Will lately because we've been having a hard time with him being ultra picky and just overall not the best listener.  He even came home last week with a "cloudy" on his chart from school (first time it wasn't a sun) for talking.  Then, today, he came home with his first ever shooting star (above and beyond good behavior) and made me realize that sometimes I just need to sit back and give them a chance to be good so that I can focus on that and not the bad that may surface from time to time.

2)  Rich and I are going to officially challenge the kids to have better table manners.  I don't mean asking "please" and chewing with their mouths closed, I mean knowing when it's their turn to talk and when to listen.  So many family dinners (which are still one of my favorite times) and filled with unfinished stories between Rich and I about our days because a kid (OR THREE) have interrupted multiple times.  Add to that the fact that Cole is real into repeating any story of someone else's that got a good reaction as if it were his own.  Think of it as a gigantic echo.  Sometimes with even more enthusiasm.  (Did you know that he woke up last night at 2am because he heard a noise that he thinks was an owl and looked outside his bathroom window and....wait...he doesn't have a window in his bathroom.  Wait...this isn't Cole's story at all; it's Rich's!  You wouldn't know it given the wide eyes and hand gestures with which he told this story!)


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