Weekend in Bullets

Sunday, December 5, 2010
This weekend was one that was sandwiched in between ones with many plans.  It's my father-in-law's birthday today (HBD!) but because of a back injury, visiting with him was not going to make it in the plans.  But here's what we DID do...
  • Quiet family movie night Friday night.  I made dinner (rare for a Friday, but had to make up for the Culver's greasy debacle.  Red boxed Karate Kid which was the most dramatic and violent movie my kids have really seen (we tend to play it safe because they're a little sensitive to "real" drama).  We liked it, though, and it pumped the kids up (not recommended for just before bed).
  • Saturday was supposed to be a fun plan of getting Paige's ears pierced (part of her 8th birthday gift from us), dinner out, and then shopping for our United Way family.  Unfortunately, Will started to feel under the weather and so Paige and I did ears and shopped alone and brought home dinner.
  • Paige did awesome getting her ears pierced.  She had some anxiety, but definitely not excessive.  I asked her how it was when she was done and she said "awesome."  And I believe a direct quote from her that night was, "I can't believe I'm pulling in my garage right now and I have my ears pierced." :)
    Now...to shop for earrings!
  • Will continued to feel horrible with nausea and fever.  But then, today...seemed to be symptomless!  We're playing tomorrow's school day by ear.
  • Today, Rich went to pay his dad a visit and the kids and I hung out at home.  We had a good time watching a movie, playing games and just messing around. 
  • When Rich returned, we had dinner and were going to decorate a gingerbread house.  However, apparently the house wasn't built to code and was beyond repair (at least any repair that could withstand 6 kid-hands busily decorating it).  So, we scrapped the idea and moved onto 2-dimensional gingerbread "shapes."  Icing and candy...still fun.

The center one is Cole's.  He simply used the candy cane as a spoon to scrape and lick as much icing off as possible.  We are calling them sleigh tracks. 


suzanne said...

i bet paige is going to get a ton of earrings for xmas! they look great.

Renay said...

Oh my gosh! I've been wondering about the big ear piercing!! That's awesome - what a brave girl!!
Those house shapes rock! Good thinking mom!

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