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Tuesday, December 7, 2010
He's a character of the type that one really can't understand unless he/she spends some quality time with him.'s a taste!

At his "jumping class" hammin' it up

This takes some explaining.  He found this little porcelain container in his nightstand drawer.  I walked in his room to see him standing at his nightstand (not in his bed...where he belonged).  Being the quick-thinker that he is, he turned and told me he made me a present.  I acted pleased and opened the container to see a wadded up tissue.  Being the salesman that he is, he told me I could blow my nose with it or put it in my Kleenex box.  What a practical gift.  But not enough to get him out of naptime.

The video below is his take on a song that became semi-popular from the last American Idol season by a man who was well above eligible age who sang this "pants on the ground" song that he made up...
It's a catchy song that goes, "pants on the ground, pants on the ground.  Lookin' like FOOL with your pants on the ground."  I find many reasons to sing it around here - when Cole's pants fall off when sitting on the potty, when Will's pants have NOT YET made themselves onto his body when getting dressed, when pants haven't been put in the hamper where they belong.  It's a household favorite!


Renay said...

Number 1: Cole's little gift reminds me of the time when Will said he was looking for you in his dresser while HE was supposed to be sleeping. Two quick thinkers you've got there!
Number 2: most impressed with the correct pitch Cole's got working on that song! If only American Idol would last for another 13 years or so...he could be big! ;)

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