Culver's Night

Thursday, December 2, 2010
Okay, so here I go.  Every month (which seems like at least every other week) we get a notice home that it's Culver's night for our kids' school.  This means go there, eat food, school gets kick back.  Only, I have a really hard time with this for these reasons that I can think of right now, though there may be more:

1) I'm a meal planner and spend time and money stocking the house with ingredients that provide us with healthy meals throughout the week.

2) Pretty sure a promo night is going to be a madhouse and I SO cherish our family dinner time.

3) It's more expensive than eating in.

4) The blatant contradiction.  Here's where I step up on my soapbox.  I get extremely frustrated with the mixed messages that this leads to from our schools.  (I know that schools need to do what works to bring in money for the things that government funds do not, but there has GOT to be a better way).  First, the kids are taught in P.E. and health to lead healthy lives and that eating healthy is a major part of that.  THEN, they are encouraged (probably more so) to eat at this restaurant where nary a healthy choice can be found to benefit their school!  It is as if we are shooting ourselves in the foot.  Paige has asked multiple times to attend this and we did for the first and last time tonight.

I was right.  It was very busy.  Our food was all some shade of greasy golden brown and it cost us just over $30 bucks.  But I'm not all negative.  Here is some good that came out of the night:
  • The kids ate great (that actually belongs on the "bad" list, but who doesn't like a healthy appetite on a kid?)
  • Paige got to see some kids from school
  • It was HYSTERICAL to see Will see a friend from his class.  He was pumped, but too cool at the same time.  Too cute!
  • We actually got to go...You see, I had bought and fed Cole soy cheese for the first time today for lunch.  It does list milk protein in the ingredients, but I was ready to take the risk.  Strangely, he didn't react until after his nap, but was incessantly coughing his well-known reaction cough.  Luckily a breathing treatment helped.  Still not sure if the soy cheese was the culprit, but I WILL be pitching the rest.
SO - since it's not right to complain without offering suggestions for improvement, here's mine.  Why not have local grocers offer a percentage of sales towards schools for any purchases on foods that fall under the category of "truly healthy."  Problem solved.


Aunt Debbie said...

Go to a PTO/PTA's the only way they know you're dissatisfied. And, we have Jewel and Dominick's Days all the time around here...ask and you shall receive:)

Renay said...

I detest Culver's night!!!!! I would rather go write a check to the school!

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