This is my fault

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
This video I took is more for audio than video.  Rich and the kids play this game where he is like the "sleeping giant" (or as they call it - bad guy) and they sneak up on him and then try to get away when he "awakens."  It leads to a slew of screams, laughter and scrambling that rivals the running of the bulls in Spain.  You may be wondering - how can any of this be my fault?  Well, you see, my genes allowed them to have the most high-pitched screams known to man.  It's a talent, really.  This noise can be made without any soreness or abuse to the throat or vocal chords.  It's a physiological phenomenon.

So, before viewing, it is probably legally best if I offer a few warnings:
  1. Adjust volume lower than it is now. 
  2. If you have dogs, encourage them to exit the room.
  3. Don't be alarmed that a flock of eagles has just made its way into your home.
  4. Know that all of my kids are indeed okay.


Renay said...

you crack me up. Thankfully I have no dogs that need to exit the room. I think we may have some of these "screaming genes" in my family as well...or maybe it's from Brian's side...

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