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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Any day between Thanksgiving and Christmas WITHOUT a project is incomplete in Will's opinion.  So today we did holiday placemats!  He did this ALL by himself.

First SNOW!  Okay, so it wasn't measurable, but it was enough to break out the boots and attempt a snowball fight!

This is practically a Christmas miracle.  Excited that we were outside playing, Bailey managed the climb her un-nimble body up the ramp to the clubhouse, where she has a bird's eye view over our fence.  Note her proud stance.

THIS got blamed on our dog Milo.  Little doubtful with the whole no opposable thumb and all.

This was a planned activity G&G had for the kids this evening.  Sawdust and diggers...does it get any better??


jamie said...

Awesome post captured in pics!!! Can I order 8 of those placemats for my holiday dinner next weekend?
Steve and I were just talking about Bailey - she is a miracle dog!
So jealous I missed the excavating party :)

heresthediehl said...

MILO! hahaha!

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