Monday, November 29, 2010
There are many.  Like his version of Taio Cruz' Dynomite or the fact that he puts an "s" at the end of possessive pronouns.  (i.e. Is this yours jammies?)  But here are two good examples of his funnies lately.

1)  We have been working on "s blends" with Cole.  That means s + another consonant so that "snow" isn't "no" and "sleep" isn't "seep."  That leads to us repeating words and over-annunciating words to help him along.  Well, tonight at dinner he was asking for more butter (a common occurance as he could eat it straight out of the tub).  Apparently, I wasn't responding fast enough so he decided to put his annunciation tools to work.  "Can I please have some more ssss-ssss-sssss---BUTTER?"

2) You can tell he's the third kid when he truly thinks Batman is in the song Jingle Bells.  His version goes something like, "Jingle bells, jingle bells, Batman....(fade to mumbles)"


Martha said...

Funny!! Aunt Jamie will love this!! I love that kid!

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