Potty Training: A Review

Thursday, November 4, 2010
I'm on my third kid and here's my history:

PAIGE:  potty trained before 2 1/2.  Very easy.  Simply suggest we try and she would.  Then learned when to "feel" it was necessary and voila!  Potty trained!

WILL:  Totally potty trained a month before turning 3 (pee trained 2 months prior).  Was slow-going, but he was never negative about the process.  DO NOT suggest we try to go.  He will let you know when he wants to.

COLE:  So far we've gone through a few phases.  First, he thought it was cool to sit. then wipe nothing. then put TP in toilet.  then sit.  then hop down and look.  then hop up and wipe again.  flush.  sit again.  This was early on (shortly after turning 2) and I thought he was TOTALLY interested and it was going to be a cinch! 

But we never actually had success and he just couldn't tell what muscles to flex and which ones to relax.  The human body is quite intricate, after all.   So, then we had an anti-phase where he didn't even want to sit and try.  Until he's 6, or so he said.

I knew I wanted to turn up the heat on the subject so I waited for his cold to subside and put underwear on him today once we were home for the day and he was done with his (nonexistent) nap.  Over the course of 5 hours he had 4 successes and dry undies!  We are so proud of him!  His reward is a "marsh-a-mow."  And he likes 'em!  I'll report the progress!


heresthediehl said...

go cole!

Bethie said...

Wow! Good for Cole!!

Renay said...

No way! That is AWESOME! marsh-a-mows all around!!

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