Diagnosis Wanted

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
I've become concerned with Will and his apparent loss of control of his hands.  I've noticed it on a couple of occasions.  Here are examples of the symptoms.

1) Cousin Riley and Will had brought a toy to the dinner table and had been told a few times 'no playing at the table.'  However, after hearing sounds of the play not stopping I said, "Who is still playing?"  I see Will clearly holding the toy and he states, "Riley...put it in my hand!"  You see?  He clearly did not have motor function to SET THE TOY DOWN as he was told.  Troubling.

2) Then today while doing an obstacle course, there was a scuttle from Will and Cole followed by some pretty hard crying by Cole.  I went in to investigate and Will said that HIS HAND accidently pushed Cole into the TV stand.  Involuntary spasms?  I don't know!  Worrisome.

So if anyone has heard of these such symptoms - loss of motor control and involuntary spasms - afflicting 5 year old boys, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

it sounds serious. i can't even venture a guess.

good luck with that.

Jamie said...

Oh, "literal Will" - that's what I call him. love his logic "it was my hand, not me" - too funny!

Alli said...

I think I just heard about that on the news!! Troubling.

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