My weekend - and how it wasn't at all what I had planned

Monday, November 8, 2010
This Saturday was the craft show at the High School.  My mom thought it would be fun to go altogether and so we did - mom, sister, myself and all 5 kids.  This was fine because Rich had chores to do at home and Sunday was going to be my major shopping day.  I was positioning myself to get about 40% of my Christmas shopping done (including things I have already ordered online).  Great plan...readyyyy...BREAK!

Only little did I know (but EVERYone else did) that when I got home from that fair Rich and I were skipping off to the city for a night and the kids were going to my parents - all planned by Rich!  I wish I could say that I was super pumped at the news initially, but I wasn't.  All I could see was my massive to-do list and 2 other weekends I'll be out of town between now and Christmas.  HOWEVER, after realizing that I would indeed live and all the work Rich had put into planning this (and the overall thought), I was game. 

We had a beautiful time!  Shopping for things kids would find boring like shoes, jeans and coats.  Eating a 2-hour meal without 1 interruption and without having to cut others' food into bite-size pieces and sleeping (PLUS gaining an hour!)! 

In closing, while I do not believe that has changed me from my slightly controlling unspontaneous ways, I will admit that it was a great experience and I truly admire my husband taking it on!


Anonymous said... glad you had a fun night away! but i totally get the initial oh-no-this-is-not-happening response :)

Anonymous said...

Haha. Nights away are nice, but I certainly like to stick to my plan too, and spontaneity is a thing of the past. Now, it just gives me mad anxiety.

suzanne said...

i'm impressed w/ rich!

Renay said...

You crack me up! I'll take your kids for an afternoon long as you promise to pick up a few things for me while you're out shopping ;)

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