Out of the Mouths

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Of my kids.

Will is kind of like me in that he's better at remembering a concept of something like a song/show than being able to quote it directly.  And when a quote is attempted, it may mean the same thing but is all wrong.  Like last night when Will requested to Rich that they read the "scrape and smell" book.  Most would better recognize this as the "scratch and sniff" book.

Cole was in the laundry room tonight as I was putting clothes into the dryer.  He likes to label the clothes with who they belong to.  He saw a pair of my pajama pants and said, "Doze yours jammies.  You look so handsome."  Awwww.


Alli said...

I've always found you quite handsome myself :)

Renay said...

Oh my gosh - that's so cute (Cole). I absolutely love scrape and smell - priceless! Those two must keep you in stiches!

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