Why he need his own Wii remote

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
I accidentally uploaded the wrong video but because it takes a while, I'm going with it.  The other one was much more indicative of my point.  Cole is like Will's personal automatic Wii instant replay.  It's impossible to miss what Will says because you'll hear it again from Cole 1 second later.  Comments like, "Oh, that was close" or "cool!" 

This is why I have it on good authority that Cole may be getting his own Wii remote for Christmas.  He's holding one in this video, but we only have 2.  So if Paige and Will are playing a true game together, Cole is stuck in left field.  (Yes, his remote is non-functioning, but who cares?  He's moving like the big kids and watching something cool on the screen!)


Jamie said...

oh, I just heart Cole!! And way to go Will for not being annoyed that his little brother is playing the copy cat game - this is a cute activity for them!

Alli said...

Evelyn is my instant replay at times, too. Unfortunately, it's only when I'm saying less than favorable words such as dammit!

So cute of them and I agree with Jamie, way to go Will for letting him hang with the big dogs. And I'm sure Cole feels SO cool doing it!!

Can't wait to babysit the dogs again. Now I can beat all of Rich's high scores on the Wii, too! Haha (kidding, Rich!)

Renay said...

I love it!! I also love that Will actually stands up to play Wii unlike my kids who cheat and keep booties on the couch.

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