Last But Not Least

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
He is definitely a big boy now, though he will accept the term, "toddler."  Just don't call him a baby.  But he'll always be my baby.  Most notable of his accomplishments lately is his potty training.  We started officially a week and a half ago and he is doing incredible.  He lets me know when he has to go and we have even had some success with...ahem...the more involved end of things.  I am super proud of him.  We still have to pass the public restroom and staying dry through the night challenges, but it's looking good!

He is definitely not a tantrum-ready 2 year old.  Most often it is quite easy to reason with him and bribe use positive reinforcement with him.  Of course, the tables turn with this accomplishment as well.  He is becoming good at coming up with excuses and passing the buck.  For example, tonight I told him to go wash his hands for dinner.  He confidently replied, "I alruddy did at Aunt Sarah's."  Yes, this is true, but that was early in the day.  Yesterday.  Nice try.

He is much like Paige in that if you remotely lead on that what you are doing is fun...he's on board.  He is much like Will in that if you dump a box of cars on the floor he can be busy for hours.  He is just an easy, fun little kid.  And he keeps us all laughing.

On a related note, it appeared as if the Design Star team broke into my house last night and redesigned my fall centerpiece.  I sat down to drink my coffee this morning and looked down to see this...
A definite improvement, I think we can all agree.

While I usually update on the kids around the first of the year, I have been finding myself in love with the "phases" the kids are in right now and feeling extremely grateful for where we are right now and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, the time seemed appropriate!


heresthediehl said...

i could eat him with a spoon! he so reminds me of jack henry...i wish we lived close enough for them to grow up together! they'd be a force to be reckoned with!

nice centerpiece. i guess i'll have to take back the one i bought you for christmas now (ken had his pants on in the one i bought, but whatever).

suzanne said...

love the centerpiece. very original:)

Laurie said...

Yeah, I was wondering about the centerpiece...isn't Naked Ken part of EVERYONE'S fall decorating scheme, or is it just at my house? We also have "Naked, Really Bad Haircut Barbie" in a vase of flowers. Do YOU?

Nicole, your version is appropriately PG, but lacks the "oomph" of Naked Ken. Seriously.

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