A few of my favorite things

Thursday, November 18, 2010
1) The feel of my house when Cole has been napping and I have the place straightened and my to-do's done before the big kids get home and take over.  It's a feeling of "bring it on."

2)  Shiny, well-stocked Christmas decoration aisles in stores. 

3)  When Cole says "Don't weave." When I get up to go after reading to him at night.

4) New mittens/scarves/hats

5) A family-pleasing meal that every member devours

6) My bathrooms that only stay clean for an hour - because that REALLY means that everyone in the family is using them and I'm not buying diapers anymore.

7)  The after school pow-wow and snack time with the kids

8)  DVR dates with my husband

9)  Girls nights out - especially when they take place at my friend's cabin in MI - like this weekend!

10)  These boots I just bought.  I'm hoping I didn't truly get 2 right boots.


Anonymous said...

sexy boots! did you buy those on your trip to the big city?

have a great weekend!!

Alli said...

Those boots really elongate the boys' legs. Especially Cole! Haha

suzanne said...

i am loving those boots!

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