And On To Will

Monday, November 15, 2010
I thank goodness for an article I read in Parenting magazine that assured me that copying and making annoying senseless noises were normal and expected behaviors from a 5-6 year old boy.  Yes, there is comfort in numbers and knowing that other parents of boys Will's age are seeing this too makes me feel, well, comforted.  This often leads to older sister getting highly annoyed and whining and a vicious cycle of "he said she said."  But this is a fraction of the day.

The rest of the day Will is a great older brother to Cole, extremely sweet to his mom, and can crack the whole family up with ease.  His affinity to all things crafty and puzzle-like continues and has matured.  Yesterday he made a 6-foot long road system from taping card stock together.  The road had different options one could create by folding in pieces to make a short cut, or unfolding to reveal a more intricate roadway.  Truly amazing. 

Will is definitely doing better at grasping the idea of how the day runs.  You may remember previous posts that expressed my extreme frustration concern with his inability to get on board with the flow of our typical day.  He is doing quite well in school and has definitely shown greater confidence in that area.  Tomorrow I'm dropping him off instead of sending him on the bus.  He will be ecstatic! 


Anonymous said...

you could have asked me about the annoying, repetitive noises, you know.

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