Kid Grow Update

Sunday, November 14, 2010
This weekend had a slower social calendar because Rich worked on Saturday, except we did enjoy cousin Riley's 6th birthday on Sunday!  Since there was plenty of time to hang out and play with the kids, I got to thinking about how much they are changing and new things they're doing.  They are like technology: you constantly need to update!  I'll start with Paige tonight.

Her sense of humor and ability to "get" everything from jokes to deep-meaning stories has grown.  An example is the veterans' day show they had in which there was a slide show of patriotic images and she said that she and her friend started to cry at some of the pictures.  AND the fact that tonight she was listing things she might like for her birthday and Christmas and had written "Zhu Zhu pet."  I responded that she must mean accessories because she already has a pet.  She agreed, then added, "But if you felt like getting me another, I'm not gonna stop ya!"  Witty. 

She's also learning more challenging topics in school.  Tonight we were studying for a Social Studies test and she was to list some natural resources.  She started off well...oil, trees, rocks, water...and some plastics.  That last one threw me; we had a good laugh.

One of the BEST traits that has emerged is her desire to help me.  At least once a day (usually around dinner) she asks if there is anything I need her to do.  I love that. 

And at the bus stop one afternoon we overheard a teenage girl and her mother discussing about why the teenage girl shouldn't be friends with the hoodlums that live down the street.  Later, I asked Paige if she thought that teenage girl seemed nice.  (Yes.  I did have an opinion of my own and was SO hoping to hear the right thing out of her mouth.  Did I ever.)  Paige replied, "No way, judging by how she talked to her mother AND if she's friends with the 'bad boys.'"  Awesome.  I'll re-read this when SHE'S 17. 

She is currently perplexed with the decision to pierce her ears.  We told her we would take her to do it when she turns 8 (in about a month).  She is officially the last girl in her class NOT to have her ears pierced.  However, her intense fear of pain is getting in her way (think back or re-read my posts on Bee Sting Hysteria 2008 or The Great Kindergarten Shot Battle.)  I might get pushy on this to help her conquer some of her fear of pain.  I have to get on this at some point or grandchildren will not be in my future from her! :)


Renay said...

so much to comment on, but wow is she such a cool kid! I loved it when she welcomed us that night at your house - she is so mature! Hug her and hug her and hope she stays just the way she is...especially that helping part and talking nice to mommy!!!

Anonymous said...

i love her...and i love that you're already concerned that she might not give you grandkids :)

Laurie said...

What Nicole said!! SO funny that you're considering grandchildren from your 8 year old!

As to the pain, I had my ears pierced 7 times (yes, that's right...7!!) before it finally took. The "after pain" was much worse than the piercing itself and I used to literally have to sit down to change my earrings because I thought I was going to pass out every time I did it. And yeah...I was 15.

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