Weekend in Retrospect

Monday, October 11, 2010
FRIDAY: Rich home way late from work, had dinner and movie night with Marmaduke enjoyed by all!
SATURDAY: Headed to Rich's family's to celebrate his mom's bday. Fun chili fest!
SUNDAY: Wedding for family friends who finally made it official.
MONDAY: No school and chosen day off for Rich. We decided to have a "do nothing" day which, thankfully, I don't do often because I quite honestly don't do it well. We're doers and wasted days are our nemesis, I guess!

But it's also good we had no plans because early in the day Will complained of a stomachache and then actually got ill. We braced for the continuation of this stomach bug, but have found that now it must have been what can only be described as a kid hangover. Too much soda/junk and too much partying. The day has gone completely normal since then!

 P.S. Blogger users - anyone else having trouble inserting multiple pictures with their new jazzed up uploading that they have!? Please leave a comment!


Alli said...

It's ok, Will. Jared's hungover all the time. lol Totally kidding.

I actually haven't noticed a problem with the pics. Lately I've noticed my pics load super fast compared to the norm.

Renay said...

blogger comment: Brian downloaded Windows Live Writer for me which I open on my desktop, do my post and then publish it to my blog. SOOOO much easier than using straight blogger...I haven't done a post that way in over a year I think.

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