I can't blog tonight

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
I can't blog tonight.  Why? 
  • Because I'm Christmas shopping at amazon right now. 
  • I'm Christmas shopping because I needed to make the shipping and handling worth while. 
  • The shipping and handling was originally for a simple white ski mask that was under $10. 
  • The white ski mask is for Will's halloween costume. 
  • Will's halloween costume is a homemade 2-piece ghost costume
  • The original head piece to the costume ended up looking more like a KKK outfit.  Creepy.
  • The costume is homemade because no costume companies consulted with Will about what the perfect ghost costume should look like
  • The costume is 2-piece for comfort and ease at school
  • I'm buying the mask at amazon because no one really has that 'winter' of outerwear out yet
  • But shipping was more than the product itself
  • So now I'm Christmas shopping.
  • And I can't blog.


Renay said...

Hysterical! I'm sorry you can't blog. I look forward to your amusing comments another day...or today...whatever. ;)

suzanne said...

xmas shopping in mid-october - you are good!

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS! Total "If you give a mouse a cookie" mentality.

I don't think I've ever paid shipping on Amazon...I'll always stockpile a present or something to not pay the shipping!

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