Grocery shopping with kids

Thursday, October 7, 2010
My history of grocery shopping with kids goes like this:

1. Always did with Paige and then Will because I'd rather get that chore out of the way than kid swap with Rich.

2. Started going at night sans kids when I had to be more diligent about reading food labels for Cole.

3. Back to going with the boys in the morning unless I have a MAJOR list

And, truthfully, I don't really mind this. They seem to enjoy helping a little and having a bit of a say in what we get. I also kind of like them to realize that food doesn't just magically appear in the fridge.  I don't really have behavior problems with them either. (Cut to me insisting Will hold my hand the whole rest of the Meijer trip as a punishment for not keeping his hands OFF his brother...but that was an isolated incident).

Lately, the problem is that maybe because the store is big and loud, they feel their voices should measure up. For that reason, EVERYONE KNOWS WE'RE GETTING THE VEGGIE STICKS INSTEAD OF PRETZELS today. And everyone probably heard this from Cole while in the alcoholic beverage aisle:

Mommy, I drink "beeya" (complete with hand to mouth in a "bottoms up" motion) Repeated several times.


Alli said...

Oh man! Cole, that just made me LOL!!! Hilarious. What a proud moment.

suzanne said...

well, you've got to get them to sleep somehow;) i bet everyone that heard him was cracking up.

heresthediehl said...

LOL @ Cole :) My kids, too, will say things (very loudly) like, "Are you gonna remember to buy Dad's wine for him?" while I want to crawl under something and hide b/c someone from church just walked by or something...

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